Sunday, October 14, 2007

Jordan, Blixen, Doherty

More TY reading recommendations for the Extended Essay :-

Molly Sanderson has been reading Berlie Doherty's novel Dear Nobody : 'I really enjoyed this book. As I am writing my Extended Essay on 'suffering in relationships', I though I would read it because it is about a relationship between young people, in which both suffer. I also enjoyed the way the book was written in two parts. Some was through the boy's eyes, and the rest was the girl writing letters to her unborn baby, who she describes as 'Nobody'. I really loved it!'

Jasper Mathews recommends Robert Jordan's Lord of Chaos : 'This is a well-written book with good characters. The author keeps you interested throughout the book by moving from character to character in different places. It is set in a fantasy world, where the struggle between good and evil is reaching its height. However, the book is number 6 of a series of 12, so unless you've read the first 5, it would be confusing and hard to understand.'

Sarah O'Mahony has read Out of Africa by Isak Dinesen (Karen Blixen) : 'I really like the attention to detail, especially with description. The storyline is interesting and beautiful. It has a magical aspect to it, and I love the setting, in Eastern Africa.'

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