Monday, April 27, 2015

Junior Poetry Prize 2015

Congratulations to Tania Stokes, winner of the 2015 Junior Poetry Prize. Here are two of her poems, 'The Colours of the Senses' and 'Tarzan's Pool'.

The Colours of the Senses

Outside the door 
Is a fresh spring day, 
The scent of pale green hues 
tinged with lavender.

A waterfall 
Comes crashing down, 
The sound of raging dark blue shades 
Roaring above a pool of black

Wild berries 
Growing free upon the hill, 
The taste of deep purple 
Unattainable royalty.

Scattered pine needles 
Carpet the forest floor. 
Red to the touch 
Is their prickle defence.

The sunset 
Unravels its shining skein. 
I see its golden beauty 
As the day ends.   

Tarzan's Pool

I see the trees framing the bridge
As I tread a well-worn trail
Through a forest harbouring relics
To find a forgotten, shrouded pool.

I hear the operatic chorus,
The hum of the mosquito’s tune,
The flick of the lizard’s tongue,
My echoing footsteps.

I smell the must of mystery,
Sunbeams warming water,
Rocks, lichen, leaf mould
Come to life as scents.

I sense the silent creatures
Move beneath the water
The unseen reaches of the forest
Left untouched by humankind.

I am a gateway to another time,
I am the orchestra of the forest,
I am the guardian of the past,
I am
                A secret place.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Eason Creates Competition

Congratulations to Third Former Nyla Jamieson, who has been shortlisted in the Eason Creates writing competition in the Junior Cycle category for her story 'The Larcenist'. There is a public vote, which ends on April 29th, so we're encouraging all pupils, staff and parents to vote for Nyla here before that date (one vote per email address). The winner will be announced on May 1st.