Monday, October 01, 2007

House Speech Competition 2007

Last night we had our annual House Speech Competition in the BSR; all the speakers are from Transition Year, and the whole form helps them prepare over the two weeks before the event.

This year, the winner was Jasper Mathews, speaking on 'Things that annoy me', followed by Jessica Dean on her experiences of wearing braces, and Sophie Kyd-Rebenburg on her 'patchwork family' of many different nationalities. Both girls are in Hollypark House, which won the House competition.

Other speakers included Alec Cherry (the Dublin transport system), Luke Pitt Ryan (the NorthSide), Molly Sanderson (love), Robin Russell (cricket), Ian Fraser (speeches themselves), Lauren Cooke (her most embarrassing moments) and Paddy Faulkner (the experiences of black people). Josh Buckingham was the night's presenter.

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