Monday, October 22, 2007

II, I and Primary Plays

Last night we had the first drama productions of the year, the II form and I/Primary plays in the BSR. Both were highly accomplished and entertaining light-hearted one-acters. I form and Primary put on Martians are Really Nice People by Bill Condon, directed by Anne Hallahan and Tristan Clarke, featuring in the main parts Alexandra Owens, Chris Doherty, Michael Dunne, Zachary Stephenson, Lily Guinness, Jamie Boyd and Molly Buckingham.

The II form play, directed by Ronan Swift and Ulrike Riemenschneider, was King Chicken by Allan Mackay ('the play's action takes place in deepest darkest Africa'). Stanley (Hannah Wentges) and Bottomley (Patrick Tice) were rather nervous explorers looking for the lost Dr Livingstone (Opeline Kellett), and on the way encountering Tarzan (Robin Fitzpatrick) and Jane (Bronwyn Mallon), as well as the Bantu Chief Oyinda Onabanjo, plus some dancing lions.

Well done to all concerned - plainly, there's lots of dramatic talent for the years ahead.

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