Friday, October 19, 2007

Deane, Gilmore, and Family Secrets

More TY Extended Essay book recommendations:-

Lauren Meyler has been reading Seamus Deane's fine novel Reading in the Dark (which we sometimes study for the Leaving Certificate) : 'My Extended Essay is about Irish history. This book is very suited to my subject, particularly in the way characters react with each other; they are all well described. It is about a young boy trying to figure out his broken family's secret. It is very interesting and descriptive.'

Also on family secrets, Sebastian Stephenson is reading Mikal Gilmore's extraordinary family-autobiography Shot in the Heart : 'This is a very powerful book about a murderer who wished to be punished by death. This history is seen through the eyes of the youngest son, Mikal. It is very sad and even surreal, to the point where I almost thought it was fiction.'

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