Saturday, December 05, 2009

Ronan Swift in Concert

It seems only yesterday that we were interviewing departmental colleague Ronan Swift for a podcast about his first album, the memorably-named Farewell Future Wives. Now comes news of a new gig, with new tunes that will find their way into the next album.

So see him on Thursday 10th December, at Bewley's in Grafton Street. Entry 8.30 for a 9pm start, 10euro in.

In the words of the Bewley's site:-

Dublin singer-songwriter Ronan Swift is coming down from his home in the mountains to join his band (regulars Josh Johnston - piano, Eoin O'Brien - guitar, Bill Blackmore - trumpet, Malachy Robinson - bass along with some special guests) in the intimate surroundings of Bewleys Cafe Theatre in the city centre of Dublin to play tracks from his debut CD farewell future wives (launched September 2009), and to preview tracks from his forthcoming CD to be released Spring 2010. Ronan was born in '72, the year Al Blue Lewis fought Ali in a bout of Gaelic Boxing at Croker and came second. He has been a schoolboy, a schoolmaster, a window cleaner & a gardener. His folky/rocky/poppy tunes of love and life are adorned by a dedicated gang of selfless musicians. Both words and music are equally important in the constant striving to create dingin' tunes. Tracks can be heard at
He also has his own Facebook fanpage. farewell future wives is available from Tower Records and Road Records in Dublin, or, and I-Tunes worldwide. Ronan also featured on Josh Johnston’s 2008 Shandon Records CD “Asylum Harbour” singing his own song “The Forty-Foot”.

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