Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Past 2009, 8

8. I'm scrunching my eyes shut as tight as I can, to try to get back to sleep again. But it's too late. I can feel the heavy, chocolate-laden stocking pressing on my feet. I don't care how early it is. I'm ready to burst, tossing and turning as I wait for someone else to stir. The energy and anticipation build up as I go over in my head what could be in my stocking. I think of the magic that has been in my room tonight.

I smile and sit up in bed to grab the stocking, and in the dark, as my eyes adjust, I see something very big on the floor. No! It couldn't be ... SANTA'S LEFT HIS SACK BEHIND! I don't know what to do. I just stare at it in shock. I have the most magical, mysterious object I could imagine waking up to, at the foot of my bed! What will I do with it? How will I tell Santa? I wonder if I'll meet him when he comes back to get it?

I bound over to my brother and sister, full of excitement, and tell them the news. We all rush back to my room to see what we should do with it. I turn on the light, not able to contain myself waiting to see the smiles on their faces. I look at them, and then back at the floor, where lies, from Santa Claus, a bean-bag.

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