Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Review of 'The Acharnians'

A week before the recent exams, we had our annual Senior Play, this time the ancient Greek comedy The Acharnians, by Aristophanes. Click here for an Animoto video, here for a rehearsal video.

Now, Amelia Shirley reviews the production:-

The acting was of a very high standard this year, with participants from 4th Form up to 6th Form. Poppy Vernon opened the evening, complaining about “no one being on time”. She swaggered onto the stage in a black trilby, waistcoat and boots, only to pace back and forth, ranting on about something or another that no one could really relate to at this early stage in the performance. Her outspoken character, Dikaiopolis, was conveyed magnificently, and nothing seemed to faze her acting skills, not even the shameless Michael McBurney in his Speedos and swimming goggles.

Click here for Amelia's full review.

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