Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Christmas Past 2009, I

Yesterday the whole school (including some teachers) took part in our Everyday Writes exercise on the theme of 'Christmas Past'. Over the coming days, we'll be posting some of these pieces. 10-15 minutes writing, in any form, mostly anonymous, and so for the most part no idea of the age or gender of the writer.

1. I drew back my heavy curtains, and set my eyes on a sight I had dreamed of for years: a thin blanket of soft moisture as white as snow fell onto the lawn, and melted away before my eyes. I walked downstairs getting that Christmas-Day-excited-feeling. I opened the door of the kitchen and smelt roast chicken in the oven. I wished my Dalmatian 'Happy Christmas' (he was quite alarmed I was awake so early). The Christmas tree looked better than ever and I counted my presents, and then my brother's. I couldn't believe it! My brother had TWO MORE than me. I just sat there, thinking: 'That's not fair. He doesn't deserve them.'

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