Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Winner, Senior Poetry Prize

Congratulations to Olivia Plunket, winner of the Peter Dix Memorial Prize for Poetry, 2010. She will receive her prize at the St Columba's Day celebrations on June 5th, and will also have her name inscribed on the trophy (pictured). It was presented in memory of Old Columban Peter Dix, who died in the Lockerbie bombing.

Below are two poems from her winning portfolio:

'The Writer', by Olivia Plunket

Pen, ink, start,
Sitting surrounded,
Unmoved, unchanged,
Just try to make sense.
Something's here,
Here's there's something,
Worthy of my ink,
Worthy of my time.
Let me make a puzzle
You will never understand.
I'll write,
You'll read,
Trying to reach the meanings,
Never waiting, casting my words away,
Away from pen,
from paper,
from ink,
from you.

'Drops' by Olivia Plunket

You cannot stop,
The surge that you consume,
The comfort it brings you.
And I cannot forgive.
There are no more chances to use,
There's nothing here for you.
Sympathy, childhood,
Both used up,
On you.
Will you stop?
Do you have the will:
Power is all it takes.
I guess you lost that long ago,
As I lost you.

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