Friday, May 21, 2010

'King Lear' revision podcasts

A summary of the five revision podcasts on King Lear now available to Leaving Cert candidates. Click on the titles to listen:-

1. The opening scene (April 23rd)
2. The play's bleak vision (April 30th)
3. The Good Guys - Kent and Albany (May 6th)
4. Quotation auto-test (May 17th)
5. Blindness and seeing (May22nd)

You can listen to these talks via the player on each post, or the 'widget' on the sidebar to the right, or by visiting our podcast page here (if you have iTunes on your computer you can also subscribe by clicking here, and so download our episodes to your MP3 player, or by searching for 'SCC English' in the iTunes Store).

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