Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekly Twitter Summary

  1.  'How English became the world's language' : 
  2. 'Four go mad in Gatwick': Rave review for Alan Warner's new novel- 
  3. Dr Ewan Fernie on the demonic in Macbeth - podcast part of a NEW series giving background to the plays
  4. 'King Lear' podcast 5 now available on SCC English blog: 'blindness and seeing in the play'. 
  5. Animal Allotment. #lesserbooks 
  6. WILLIS MEMORIAL SHAKESPEARE PRIZE: congratulations to the winner, Fiona Boyd. 
  7. A new essay on the late Alan Sillitoe, and 'The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner': 
  8. Poetry - there's an app for that. @PoetryFound launches free iPhone app
  9. A tenderly-written, haunting masterpiece: review of Gerbrand Bakker's 'The Twin': 
  10. Is the internet doing real harm to our brains? 
  11. Looking forward to rereading: RT @GuardianBooks: JG Farrell's Lost Man Booker prize for Troubles- literary resurrection 
  12. 18 Novels set in Boarding Schools (revised):
  13. The Poetry Society's Poem of the Month is Dennis O'Driscoll's 'Revenue Choir': 
  14. Just sent off for test copies of our second book from @Luludotcom. Excitement! 
  15. '5 Things You Didn't Know about the Romantics': 
  16. Peter Dix Memorial Prize for Poetry. Winner 2010 - Olivia Plunket: 
  17. Podcast on War Poetry from Sunday Times Literary Festival feat. Tim Kendal and Jon Stallworthy now online:
  18. Well introduced Simon, and ta for the mention! RT @simonmlewis: New Post:: Twitter Workshop Podcast 
  19. The new Faber Podcast features historian James Shapiro and novelist Maria McCann - listen at
  20. [ Her book 'Venice' still shines after all these years] A Perpetual Love Affair – Jan Morris's Venice RT @GuardianBooks 
  21. 'How to Name a Volcano' from The Oatmeal: 
  22. Recommending our art department colleagues' blog: lots of lovely work - 
  23. 7 revision podcasts on 'Macbeth': 

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