Friday, May 07, 2010

More 'Creature' Poems

Here are more poems from the winner of the 2010 Junior Poetry Prize, Mark Russell. The set theme was 'creatures', and we have more poems to post on this topic over the next week.

'Piglets' by Mark Russell

Tiny snuffling bundles,
Pink and warm and smooth.
Nestled snugly in a pile of hay.
Their mother watches proudly
Over her young, healthy

Baby sausages.

'In Our Attic' by Mark Russell

Creatures are coming,
Scurrying in the shadows

With bright, glowing eyes.

They're gnawing and scratching

Lurking in the filth of

Our attic.

When we search for them,
All we find are pale blue grains
Scattered around the lifeless body

Of the rotting, smelly rat.
But they continue the pitter-patter
All of the sleepless night.

'The Painter' by Mark Russell

The pointy lizard
With table tennis eyes.

The chameleon's flexing tongue

Engulfs its prey
Hearing a crackle of broken,

Sticky limbs.
Melting colours, flowing

Seamlessly from its skin
Like a river of paint.

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