Monday, May 17, 2010


The final poem from our selection of entries for the Junior Poetry Prize:-

'Creatures', by Sadhbh Sheeran

Creatures live in the dark,
There to seduce, to scare, to save,
To torment our dreams,
With things long past forgotten.

Glimpses of animals only our imagination can create.
The tall straight back of my father’s chair,
In the mists of night becomes a mouth,
Waiting to bite.
To engulf my wandering thoughts
Into its never-ending blackness.

A form appears, where the curtains should be,
Reaching out to grab my hand,
To pull me from my warm, warm bed,
And take me to a far distant land,
Where evils reign and badness flourishes.

With a simple gesture these creatures go,
Back to their beds and loving mothers.
The light will show no memory of them
But that does not mean they do not live,
There to seduce, to scare, to save.

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