Thursday, February 17, 2011

WBD Survey 2

More recommendations from our World Book Day 2011 Survey:

CIC: The Housekeeper and the Professor, by Ogawa Yoko
A simple story, beautifully told, about love, loss... and maths!

David - : Persona Non Grata, by Jorge Edwards
In 1970 Jorge Edwards was sent by socialist Chilean President Salvador Allende as his country's first envoy to break the diplomatic blockade that had sealed Cuba for over a decade.
His arrival coincided with the turning point of the Revolution, when Castro began to repress the very intellectuals he once courted. In Kafkaesque detail, Edwards records the four explosive months he spent in Havana trying to open a Chilean embassy and his disenchantment with the revolution. Jorge Edwards will be in Dublin, the 3rd of March at the Instituto Cervantes and the 4rd of March at the Dublin Book Festival.

carlaleeB : To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee (which we're currently studying with our Transition Year)
This book changed my life as a very young person. As a classic it has been loved by many over the decades but for me it is timeless. It made me aware of injustice and the power of love and friendship on a global level. It tweaked my interest in and love for both History and English. The characters wove a spell over me that has not been broken to this day. I have re-read it many times and secretly cherish the moments when a pupil I teach discovers its magic. I have some wonderful artistic representations of the novel and its many themes that were created by students adorning my classroom wall. Students always ask about the book. There are many truly great books in the world but for me it's this one from my childhood that lingers still.

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