Friday, February 11, 2011

'Gizmo', the 2011 Junior Play

This year's Junior Play, Gizmo by Alan Ayckbourn, will be performed tonight and tomorrow night at 7pm in the Big Schoolroom. Originally written for youth performances, "set in the near future, it is about an amazing device which when fitted allows a body to be controlled by someone else - it is intended as a medical device for paralyzed people. Naturally, the controller falls into the wrong hands and the device is used for criminal purposes - with an unwitting host in tow."

Our production is directed by Jeremy Stone and Evan Jameson, and features Mark Agar as the paralyzed Ben, as well as Eleanor Dolphin, Catie McGonagle, Zach Stephenson, Marta Perez-Pla, Jamie Boyd, Hugo Hollis, Annika Franz, Rachel Rogers, Ugo Onwurah, Ben Traill, Ludo Stewart, Siobhan Brady, Molly Dunne, John Clarke, Samuel Clarke and Brendan Dickerson.

We will post a review by a Transition Year pupil here next week.

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