Tuesday, October 12, 2010

TY Book Recommendations 4

For her Transition Year Extended Essay Rachel Rogers has read Thomas Hardy's Tess of the d'Urbervilles, and writes:-

This book is a tragedy. I found that it that grabbed my attention and was hard to put down once I started to read it. At the beginning I found it hard to get into and enjoy, but after the first chapter I adapted to the English and understood the story line. The main character, Tess, I found was such a good character and you always find yourself on her side. The story line I found was unpredictable. So when the twists and turns happen in the book it is so exciting and sad. I would recommend this book to someone who wants a challenge with their English and wants a new experience in reading. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would read it again.

And Dina al Hamdan has read Christy Brown's autobiography My Left Foot. She comments:-

It it interesting because it gives you hope. You'll feel that you can do anything you want in life and achieve your goals in different ways. It is a great book, and worth reading. The author is realistic and he describes the places and scenes really well: that's why I liked it. I'm not into reading books at all, because I didn't get use to it in my old school. I find it difficult, but that book made me turn one page after another without feeling or noticing which page I had reached. Then I got impressed: did I actually read all these pages?

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Hector Macdonald said...

You might like Book Drum’s illustrated profile of Tess, which incorporates maps, music, video, pictures and background information to bring the book alive for modern readers:

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