Monday, October 11, 2010

TY Book Recommendations 3

Jasmine Blenkins O'Callaghan is reading Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner for her Transition Year Extended Essay, and writes:

The Kite Runner captivates the reader within the first few pages. I found this book to be captivating because of the vividness of the characters and the realistic way of life. The feelings are very strong in this book, especially guilt: it worms its way into the reader's stomach as if it were you who committed that act of shame. It is well written and brings you into a world of its own. I would recommend it to anyone fifteen and above. It is truly a fascinating read.

And Constantin Voelter has started on J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye:

First, when the librarian gave me this book, I wasn’t sure whether I should read it: the cover was really boring. But after a while this book caught my attention, because it tells about a boy who’s my age and is living in a boarding school as well, so I could really identify with Holden. He describes in the first chapters how he says goodbye to a teacher and his school and which he has to leave now because he failed four of his five subjects. The book is written in quite an interesting way and I think I will have much fun reading it.

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