Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekly Twitter Summary

Our weekly summary of selected tweets from SCC English:
  1. Imagining life as a dinner jacket button...
  2. 'Why teenagers can't concentrate':
  3. Through the Language Glass: How Words Colour Your World by Guy Deutscher | Book review
  4. Steven Pinker says Twitter, email and PP aren't making us stupid:
  5. Wonder if we could try same at secondary level... RT @simonmlewis: New Post:: Twitter and Primary Education (2)
  6. Our Science colleagues are away on trips now, so it's left to us to push their Leaving Cert podcasts (@thefrogblog):
  7. Our commentary on Leaving Cert English Higher Paper 1 and Paper 2:
  8. Our blog inundated by people Googling 'Seed by Paula Meehan': sounds like it stretched a lot of Leaving Cert candidates
  9. A small irony. Boland not on Leaving Cert Eng paper (fuss). Paula Meehan (unseen poet) dedicated last book to...Boland.
  10. Analysis of Leaving Cert English Paper 2 from this afternoon:
  11. Emily Dickinson - gardener first, poet second ...
  12. Leaving Cert English advice: final morning! 'King Lear': and quotations: Good luck to all...
  13. Leaving Cert English, paper 1: an analysis -
  14. Under 24 hrs left: Leaving Cert English candidates can freshen up thoughts by listening to our podcasts on 'King Lear':
  15. Hamlet in stick figures... how much easier can you get?!
  16. James Nesbitt on RTE Radio 1: has just filmed 'Coriolanus' with Ralph Fiennes:
  17. Comments on using quotations in the English Leaving Cert exams:
  18. Hans Fallada's 'Alone in Berlin' - 'A triumph of quality in a predominantly commercial marketplace'- Irish Times today:

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