Sunday, June 06, 2010

Weekly Twitter Summary

  1. "Reading a long sequence of pages helps us develop a rare kind of mental discipline":
  2. For all those candidates huddled over their books as the rain comes down: Leaving Cert revision podcasts on King Lear:
  3. RT @englishcomp: article by Nicholas Carr in today's WSJ about effect of tech/Internet on reading, brain, intelligence:
  4. Letters of Louis MacNeice edited by Jonathan Allison | Book review
  5. National Spelling Bee site - test yourself -
  6. '20 under 40' writers : the new New Yorker list -
  7. Just got big order of our new book from @luludotcom. One week from ordering arrived in Ireland: terrific service.
  8. Statement from Laureate na nÓg about the Irish school library crisis:
  9. Stieg Larsson: The Man Behind 'The Hornet's Nest'
  10. A fine piece - worth reading by all teachers. RT @englishcomp: Difficult Lessons via Jim Burke's Blog:
  11. One week today: Leaving Cert students will be answering on 'King Lear' - listen to 6 podcasts to help you revise:
  12. Read this, Sweetie Dumplings! RT @guardiang2: Love you too cuddlepie! The dangers of pet names
  13. Value of Twitter for teachers series from @Oh_the_Places
  14. A truly great Irish cultural achievement: 40 years of the Gallery Press, poetry publisher. Hat off to Peter Fallon:
  15. Can poetry save relationships between parents and teenagers?
  16. The most common mispellings, er, misspellings, Wash Post RT @Larryferlazzo
  17. Report on our Transition Year English Evening last night:
  18. Check out English quizzes and crosswords on Scoilnet, such as Romeo and Juliet Crossword:
  19. We sympathise: an old battle across the world: RT @Darcy1968: Article in The Australian, 'Dumbing down English teaching'
  20. Angelica Huston on W.B.Yeats ('Summer's Wreath celebration from @NLIreland):
  21. Good idea! RT @yourenglishclas: I plan to use NPR's "This I Believe" as a model for my final senior projects...
  22. RT @ByLeavesWeLive: Getting to know... Seamus Heaney. A piece by Douglas Dunn, first published in our Poetry Reader 5
  23. 'Posthumous Keats: a personal biography' by Stanley Plumley - long review at
  24. Useful language study: RT @marklittlenews: Very diff editorials this a.m inJerusalem Post, Haaretz
  25. Report on Voices of Poetry : English, Irish, Latin, French, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese, Ibo, Chinese, German, Russian:

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