Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Leaving Certificate practice

In 8 days, our VI form will, along with pupils all around the country, be sitting their Leaving Certificate Paper 1, the most important part of which is the general composition. Recently Chris Faerber wrote a practice story, and here it is. It was prompted by a sentence, 'They are completely deluded and live in a fantasy world.'

It's an unusual take on a famous myth, starting:-

The alarm clock rings at 6 a.m. on the dot. Ikarus sits up right in his bed. Like every morning he wakes up just before his old-fashioned alarm clock displays '6' with its bright red digits. The right side of his bed is cold and unwearied still, like it has been since he bought the King-sized bed after leaving home eventually at 30 years of age. It was his mum who eventually kicked him out: “Go and spread your wings son. Explore the world,” is what she said. She died shortly afterwards and ever since Ikarus has avoided any contact with other humans. He has been as reclusive as the seven locks on his door and spends the majority of his time with frozen pizzas and soft drinks in his 10x5 one room apartment.

Read the full story here.


Anthony said...

Fantastic piece of writing. A culmination, no doubt, of fascination amidst the depths of greek mythology enshrined in intrinsicly modernised ideals and the pitiful values we now hold dear.

Being one of the lucky participants in eight days time I hope I can produce even a mere ounce of literary brilliance.

Inspirational. I thank you.

SCC English Department said...

Best wishes, Anthony, next week.