Friday, October 16, 2009

TY Book Recommendations 8

Opeline Kellett has read Willy Russell's play Educating Rita for her Extended Essay, and writes:-

This is quite like a modern version of Pygmalion, or its better-known musical version My Fair Lady. It's about a young woman, Rita, who signs up for an Open University course. She is a working-class Liverpudlian who is trying to better herself, and 'know everything'. Her tutor, Frank, is a well-educated university tutor who seems to be a borderline alcoholic; he keeps his dignity but also seems lost. She finds a light in him, and he is utterly amused as well as mesmerized by her - her opinions, her character, her lifestyle. During the play they both go through trials and tribulations with their partners, and their lives in general, and strike up a strong friendship and indeed love by the end.

I loved this play for its humour and charm, as well as its incredibly powerful moving moments and genuine realism. There are only two characters in the play, yet not once do you need to see anyone else. You do hear of them, but since Frank and Rita are both such interesting characters, hearing is enough. This is a truly beautiful play, which hits so many notes.

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