Wednesday, October 21, 2009

'Twelfth Night' on Wordle

No 9. in our Shakespeare Wordles series : Twelfth Night, currently being studied by our Transition Year pupils.

Yesterday's Guardian online has an article by Maddy Costa about Malvolio, following Richard Wilson's arrival in the part for the RSC:-

What do they see in Malvolio? On paper, there is little to recommend him: he is unforgiving and rude; he criticises his mistress, Olivia, while massaging his rampant ego with indulgent dreams of life as her husband. His austerity is born of a puritanism that makes him intolerant of revelry – or, as the unruly Sir Toby Belch puts it, such simple good things as "cakes and ale". What's to like? [continued].

Wordles are created by Jonathan Feinberg's online tool here; the more times the word appears in the text, the larger the word. In our Shakespeare Wordles, the entire text, including the name indicators of the characters before they speak, is included. Thus you can see how relatively dominant a character is in each play, as well as spot recurring ideas and themes. Our Wordles use different numbers of 'maximum words'. Click on the image for a closer view.

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