Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blue Rose Theatre Company

Today is our annual Bullying Awareness Day, and this morning the whole school (in two separate groups) will see a performance in the BSR of Stand and Speak, 'a two-man play about bullying' featuring Joe McGrath (pictured) and Thomas Farrelly of the Blue Rose Theatre Company.

In the words of their website, this is :-

A progressive play dealing with the complicated issue of bulling. Presented in a horseshoe shape, Stand and Speak takes the students away from the ‘usual dramatic presentation’ and brings them into the action directly - forcing students to watch the natural reactions of everyone in the room ... through the raw and realistic action and dialogue students are encouraged to participate, in a natural way. Throughout this show their participation will both enhance and contribute in displaying/revealing the many levels of bullying: verbal, physical, visual, mental, etc.

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