Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Acharnians

Time is ticking on rehearsals for this year's Senior Play (click for the cast), which will be shown in the BSR on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th November, just under two weeks after half-term. Mr Swift, one of the co-directors with Dr Stone, writes:-

This year’s Senior Play continues our engagement with some of the giants of world drama with a production of The Acharnians by Aristophanes. Set against the backdrop of prolonged war between Athens and Sparta and to be performed during Remembrance Week this play contains a strong anti-war theme. When Dikaiopolis forges a private peace treaty with Sparta he is branded a traitor before he can properly explain his motives. Along the way he must plead the case for peace to the Athenian assembly, some cranky country folk and Euripides the tragic poet.

Our performances will be in the ancient Greek theatre shape, and the company of young actors will be playing multiple roles. The actors are striving to bring their modern sense of comedy to bear on this ancient masterpiece…with some humorous outcomes. With plenty of satirical swipes at corrupt politicians and self-important generals this two and a half thousand year old play might well provide food for thought for us today.

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