Saturday, June 09, 2007

TY Work Portfolio 3

This is just my street. Dogs bark at all hours, the milkman comes far too early and people need help remembering the day. A city is not a single community. It is made up of hundreds of little semi-communities all heated by the same bright sun in the day, and all covered by the same dark blanket protecting us at night. We lie looking at the same twinkling diamonds in the sky as everybody else around town, and around the world. As I sit and look around me I feel at home. Everything is how it should be and the city is still moving, beating in my pulse, keeping me alive with it.

This is the end of 'A description of a street late at night' by Emily Plunket, one of this year's four Premier TY Award winners (read the full piece here). And here is her piece 'The Oldest Person I Know', about her grandfather.

A new and popular title on our list is 'My First Home' (referred to previously here). An example is David Cooper's piece :-

I drift to the stairs; they're like a thin layer of baby grass covering a steep slope. My foot warms as it touches this green carpet. I clamber up to my bedroom running my hand along the smooth banister, partially broken from where my brother fell into it. I enter my room and squint in as my eyes begin to adjust to the light. I scan it carefully trying to take in every detail.

Read his full essay here.

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