Monday, June 18, 2007

The Millar Report - final edition

The Actiontrack Show on Saturday night was called "It's in the Bag" and featured a strange story about a critical tea shortage in a very odd kingdom. The final report from Joey Millar (who at one stage played an ER doctor dealing with the side-effects of the crisis):- The big day arrived, and after a somewhat stumbled-through dress rehearsal, the audience began slowly entering the BSR. Nerves were high, as lines were hurriedly looked over, and dance moves remembered. However the minute the first notes of the awe-inspiring "I Like Tea 'Cause I'm British" were sung, the nerves promptly sunk away, leaving raw excitement. The performance itself was a bit of a blur for the performers. It was a mixture of remembering one's lines, dancing the right dance, and noticing the 200+ teenagers watching your every move. While some lines were forgotten, and dance moves mixed up (guilty as charged here...), I think the majority of the team were just pleased to get it over and done with, and as the applause died away, ecstatic at the realisation that we were on our Summer Holidays. Thanks to the ActionTrack team, and Dr Stone and Mr Girdham.

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