Thursday, June 07, 2007

TY Work Portfolio 2

More from the 2006/07 Transition Year Work Portfolios:-

Celeste Guinness received one of the four Premier Awards this year, and here is her piece 'Suddenly there was no noise', which starts :-

Suddenly there was no noise. The usual singing of the crickets was now inaudible. It was as if the shrieking howler monkeys had become mute. The general humming and buzzing of the jungle was nowhere to be heard. Sensing this aura of unease, I silently stalked backwards along the moss-ridden branch, on which I was resting, to flatten myself against the sturdy tree trunk for camouflage.

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Two different kinds of writing are shown by Hanne Grainger who here discusses the idea 'Has the Internet fundamentally improved our lives?', and also writes about 'My First Love' (one of the most popular titles on the Work Portfolio list) here. And finally, here, Brian Leveau writes about the House Speeches, one of the most memorable events of his own Transition year.

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