Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Actiontrack : The Millar Report 1

As promised, here is a quick report on the first day of the Actiontrack project, as described by our reporter Joey Millar (by Saturday, a whole show will have been constructed, and will be performed at 8.15pm in the BSR)-

Transition Year ActionTrackDay One : After several warm-up games, including the ever- popular "Zip-Zap-Boing", the group enjoyed a number of drama exercises. The dramatic skills of the pupils were viewed and improved, and come the end of the day most members were all a lot more confident than before. The team were also split into groups, and each group created a small play. Particular highlights included Ramon Barbier being the prime ingredient of an omelette, and some starfish attacking Issy Hunter. If it's ActionTrack, anything can happen. Our final task of the day was to write our own individual songs. Watch out Justin Timberlake; a series of inspirational songs were written today, including, amongst others, "Sleeping Cows", "I Like Tea Because I'm British", and a song by Jorge which should not be repeated on this site. Watch this space.

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