Thursday, May 03, 2007

Voices, Two Views

Two more poems which were entered for the Senior Poetry Prize :-

'Voices', by Cordelia Mulholland

A barely audible whisper
The murmur of quiet words
Unspoken statements
That seem to go unheard
Unpredicted choices
An underlying tone
So many different voices
The silence on the phone
Great speeches unforgotten
Anonymous whispers from above
The warm words of wisdom
The hollow words of love

'Two Views of One Thing', by Annabel Sharma

I see, you see, we see.
But what you see, I
Do not see.

How is that when we
Look at the same

It sits there and
Tempts our thoughts
As if all was glory.

It is our dilemma,
That we will have
To overcome.
Two views of
One thing.

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