Monday, May 07, 2007

Last Junior Prize Poems

'Her Dream', by Olivia Plunket

She cries,
Sitting still, no sound, no words, just sorrow.
Motionless, expressionless.
Just tears, dripping, trickling, spilling then flowing.
I offer myself,
But she pushes me away,
I go.
I dream about the day when she will accept me,
When her heart will call for me.
But that is exactly what it is,
Just a dream.

'Death', by Olivia Plunket

Such a strange thing,
Having someone you love taken away from you,
It cannot be described because the people who experience it do not live to tell us.
It is unknown, untold, untouched.
It just happens, it's sudden and silent.
It leaves a miserable trail behind it.
Its next victim is unknown,
But all that they will remember is their last breath of freedom.

The Crowded Room, by Rebecca Scott

I walk into a crowded room and all their backs are turned.
I try to speak but it’s only a whisper,
I search for you but I feel lost when I can’t see you.
I search and search until I see your dazzling eyes scanning the crowd for me.

I feel your warm smile and I don’t feel as lost.
My heart beats faster and faster and my head starts to feel heavy,
My chest gets tighter as I feel the air getting thin.
Still no one notices.

The ceiling is spinning and you're not there to stop me from falling.
My vision turns blurry and I can’t make them out,
Suddenly everything turns black,
And I collapse into a heap and not a soul to help me to my feet.

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