Sunday, May 27, 2007


Two more poems by Junior Certificate pupils, for the Junior Poetry Prize.

'Nighttime', by Sophie Millar

Where did all these questions come from?
Can’t you leave them with someone else?

And not face them until you’ve forgotten?
You do not trust yourself to think

The answers you don’t want to face

The volume of music isn’t sinking them
Nor the drum beats scaring them

Running isn’t tiring them
Nor crying melting them
Only thinking is pulling them deeper

It’s worse to watch you now I give you my hand
But you’re too far away
I do not see you now I await your return
Hurry back now
Because I do not trust myself to think

Her Dream, by Olivia Plunket

She cries,
Sitting still, no sound, no words, just sorrow.
Motionless, expressionless.

Just tears, dripping, trickling, spilling then flowing.

I offer myself,

But she pushes me away,

I go.
I dream about the day when she will accept me,
When her heart will call for me.

But that is exactly what it is,

Just a dream.

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