Friday, November 27, 2009

Guerrilla Poet Strikes Again

Recently we published a 'poem' by one Charmaine Munch (Trelawny), which the Librarian had found lying around the Library. Now another poet, with suspiciously similar nomenclature, has deposited another piece in the Senior Reading Room. It's called 'An Irish Scientist Foresees his Test', and was clearly written immediately after the famous 'Hand of Frog' in Paris. You can read the whole moving work by 'Seosamh Plantagenet-Truce (Billabong)' here.

We suspect that the mystery author may be one of the froggy types lurking in the Science Block, especially since they responded very quickly to Monsieur Henry's perfidy here.


The Frog Bloggers said...

The Frog Bloggers would like to distance ourselves from the recent accusations. We would never use Donegal Irish!

SCC English Department said...

Interesting. The Froggies doth protest too much, methinks. A tinchy bit too defensice to be convincing. I think we may have the culprits.