Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Acharnians

Tonight in the BSR there is a preview of this year's Senior Play, The Acharnians by Aristophanes (pictured, a scene from last nights' dress rehearsal). The first full performance is on Friday, the second on Saturday, both at 7pm, and we'll have pictures and a review in due course. Click here for the programme. In the words of Mr Swift, co-director:-

Aristophanes can justifiably be named the father of comedy. From him is descended the work of Roman comedy, pantomime, Gilbert & Sullivan, the Marx brothers, Monty Python and more. But behind the often outlandish scenes there is always a serious message. The cast and directors of this production have tried to remain true to the spirit of the original in a ‘street theatre’ style which directly engages the audience, sees actors playing multiple roles, uses a simple set and few props. The semi-circular seating arrangement echoes theatre spaces of the Greek era.

The audiences are in for a lively and thought-provoking time, especially since war and Remembrance have been much on our minds recently.

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