Monday, November 23, 2009

First Library Staff selection

Mr McConville has started off an interesting development in the Library, which is to ask members of staff to select books which have particularly influenced them in the past, and which they would like to recommend and, briefly, write about. These books will then be displayed in the Library, together with the teacher's comments. SCC English has always been keen on sharing book enthusiasms by both pupils and staff, and this is an excellent project.

First up is Mr Peter Jackson (not unrelated to our amphibian friends), whose selection is primarily scientific, and which you can read here (pictured, the display itself).

Among the non-scientific books he has chosen are two books set in Africa - Joyce Cary's Mr Johnson and Alan Paton's Cry, The Beloved Country - and, rather closer to home, The Crock of Gold, by James Stephens, about which Peter writes :-

I have always enjoyed 'Fairy Stories' and this is an essential one. I first read it when I was about 17 (a long, long time ago) and was enthralled by the descriptive charm of author. It is based on the life of Fionn McCool who lived here on Kilmashogue Mountain. Little did I dream as I read, and re-read it, that this is where I would spend the majority of my life. Fairy tales do come true!

Next stop, our Classical and Business Studies colleague, Mr Peter McCarthy. We'll be reporting on all these staff selections as they're displayed.

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