Thursday, November 05, 2009

Frog Blog

Good to see that our colleagues over on the science Frog Blog are mentioned very favourably in the press, as they've hopped onto the Blog Digest in today's Irish Independent, re Science Week (that's enough 'hopping' comments. They're really lame - Ed.)

Spookily enough, in the latest 'Teaching English magazine (see today's earlier post), Oliver Glenn-Craigie's poem on page 9 is beside one by Sinead Kilgarriff of Our Lady's Bower called 'Frogs', adorned by a particularly splendid photo of one of the creatures. This prompted us to wonder about the interface between science and literature in this admittedly specialist area, and to search for more examples. Sadly, it seems that few writers have been inspired by the topic, and so, to fill in this gap, we've written our own contribution.

It's called 'Frog':-

A most intellectual frog
Was sitting astride a log.
"I'm tapping away,"
He said, "Every day,
On my amphibian blog."

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Anonymous said...

Cheers Julian - stick with the day job though! Oh yeah, that is your day job!