Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The real Lady Macbeth

As we start on Macbeth revision prior to the Leaving Certificate, here is the second of seven discussions of key issues in the play, via SoundCloud. You can listen via the computer, but can also download the free app for iOS or Android and listen on your phone/tablet. More in the coming days. Listen to the full series here.

Here, Lady Macbeth is the subject. Things to listen out for and think about this time:-
  • in what ways is Lady Macbeth complex and fragile?
  • where do we see that she is very conscious of herself as a woman?
  • how is she a 'moral being'?
  • where do we see examples of her loneliness and isolation?
  • what does Harriet Walter mean when she says Lady Macbeth tries to suppress her imagination?
  • how does she become less and less important?
  • what does the sleepwalking scene say about her state of mind?

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