Wednesday, May 21, 2014

'Macbeth' revision: 10 key quotations

The sixth of seven discussions of key issues in Macbeth, via SoundCloud. You can listen via the computer, but can also download the free app for iOS or Android and listen on your phone/tablet. Listen to the full series here

This podcast is a little difference: a series of quotations which you can test yourself on. Pause the recording after the quotation and write notes on the significance of these key lines.

Things to consider this time:
  • what is the significance of fear in the play?
  • in what way does blood permeate the whole story?
  • how is the phrase 'unnatural troubles' central to the play?
  • how is Macbeth conscious of the diseased nature of his own mind?
  • how does Macbeth become steadily less free?
  • why is Banquo a key figure in the way we look at Macbeth?
  • what is the significance of the image of Duncan's horses? 

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