Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Petrarchan Sonnet for Palestine

One of the modules in our Transition Year course is run by Ms Smith, Images in Poetry: it has produced many fine poems in the past, prompted by different paintings and photographs. Here is the first one from this year's course, written by Helene Peters and prompted by Banksy's 'Palestine':-

Waves are breaking under the pure blue sky
in this perfect paradise of a land.
The beach is wide, the palms grow high.
There are children with a shovel in their hand.
The only noise the crushing of the blue.
Far away a singing bird.
This feeling of peace and freedom is so true.
No humans, no fights, nothing to be heard.

Reality, however, is grey on grey.
Fences surrounding the place.
A gunshot. You can hear a scream.
The peace and freedom fade away.
There's just the battle of religion and race.
This lonely island - just a wishing dream.

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