Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Dickens Wordles

Charles Dickens was born on February 7th 1812. To celebrate, here are seven word-clouds formed from the entire texts of his most famous fiction. In each case, the Wordle represents the 250 most-used words in the text. The most significant names of course stand out.

Click on each Wordle for a closer view.

1. Great Expectations: is Joe Gargery the most important person in Pip's life?

2. Bleak House: 'little', 'young' and 'guardian' stand out.

3. A Christmas Carol: no doubting the most significant character here...

4. David Copperfield: 'Mr' becomes particularly important, as is becoming a 'Mr'.

 5. Hard Times: More of 'Mrs' here (Sparsit, Gradgrind), and notice 'know'...

6. Oliver Twist: 'gentlemen' and 'time' deserve some discussion.

7. A Tale of Two Cities: a French influence, of course.

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Peter Logan said...

Fascinating wordles--I want to look at these at length. Thanks for putting them together!