Tuesday, May 24, 2011

'Our World' & 'Earth'

Two more poems from the entries for the Junior Poetry Prize, this time by Rowland Fitzgerald Barron of II form:-

Our World

Secrets sleep in a remote lagoon,
While the morning blushes with dawn,
Until the beacon of the moon,
Falls upon the birds and song.

The park fills with night and fog,
As the dark veil drops around the world,
The stars dazzle along the sky,
Each one of them bright and pearled.

The wind sings through the trees tonight,
Midnight has still to come,
Gentle is its song, yet full of delight,
Yet still the throbbing of the drum.


Blue and green, wisps of white,
spinning around with all the others,
just a golf ball in the sea of blackness,
within the grasp of my hands…

Full of life, of different flavours,
trees and grass surround us,
towers of grey imprison us,
voids of blue divide us.

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