Sunday, May 29, 2011

Junior Public Speaking Competition 2011

Congratulations to the winner of last night's Junior Public Speaking competition, John Clarke on the subject of Books. Second was his brother Samuel (My Grandmother), and third Christian McKeever (Cakes and Biscuits). Mrs Haslett was particularly impressed by the standard of this year's competition, and thanks the II form English teachers who prepared the entries, as well as the judges, Mr O'Shaughnessy, Matron and Sadhbh Sheeran.

The other speakers were Lydia Johnson on (Confidence), Arthur Moffitt (Teamwork), Alex Barnes-Auld (Lies), Molly Maire (Manners), Nadia Al-Lahiq (Different Schools), Peter Quigley (Dreams), Sofia McConnell (moving from Kenya to SCC), Jessye Faulkner (Superheroes), Jamie Maher (Gwynn), Fleur Pay (Feeling Adopted) and Bethany Shiell (My Brothers).

Marks were awarded as follows: Content (50 marks - relevance, language, style & originality) Delivery (40 marks - audibility, eye contact, spontaneity, uses of notes) General Impression (10 marks).

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