Friday, May 20, 2011

'My World'

Two more poems from entrants to the recent Junior Poetry Prize, both by Sadhbh Sheeran from III form:-

My World

My world is a box,
Two by two,
Flat floor, flip roof,
Damaged with age.
Inside, a butterfly,
Pressed flat,
Wing torn.
A stamp,
From someplace far,
A single sock,
Hole in the toe,
Missing its friend.
A feathery flower,
Orange in the centre,
Brown edges,
Slowly rotting.
My world is a box,
So obvious,
Yet unimportant.

A brief history of the world

If I were to write
A history of the world,
It would go something like this.

There was a bang,
And then a chemical reaction,
It was an accident.

Things started to move,
Evolve and grow,
Rivalry and revolution came to be.

She was treated badly,
Abused and bullied,
Sickened to the core.

Only to be loved once more,
Healed and made well,
For those come
To craft new history.

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