Friday, April 23, 2010

25 Shakespeare Tweets

Today being Shakespeare's birthday (and 'death'-day too), we've been tweeting on the Bard, and here's a selection, with links to lots of interesting resources, books, articles and more...

  1. 7 Podcasts on 'Macbeth':
  2. Visualizations of the text of King Lear:
  3. RT @FolgerLibrary: Five Geeky Ways to Celebrate Shakespeare's Birthday.
  4. All #Shakespeare's sonnets via #Wordle:
  5. Fascinating: the Hamlet Quartos site:
  6. Multimedia 'Romeo and Juliet' from Shakespeare in Bits:
  7. More tweets on the Bard's birthday ... Recommending the Shakespeare iPhone App :
  8. RT @boulderbooks: In his writings, #Shakespeare used 31,534 words. Estimates indicate he knew 66,500. The average person?
  9. Shakespeare #ff for the day that's in it: @ShakespeareGeek
  10. Shakespeare #ffs for day that's in it: Shakespeare: @TheRSC, @shakespeareinb, @MadShakespeare, @BritShakespeare, @The_Globe, @FolgerLibrary
  11. Terrific and fascinating resource: Shakespeare word frequency lists -
  12. Brilliant collection of Shakespeare production design links -
  13. Thou spleeny onion-eyed clack-dish! [Fun : the Shakespeare Insulter Machine -]
  14. Macbeth resource notes from @abbeytheatre:
  15. On Shakespeare's birthday, each play via #Wordle:
  16. Happy birthday, Shakespeare! Here's our Student Crossword for the occasion: RT @NYTimesLearning
  17. On Shakespeare's birthday, our first King Lear revision podcast for Leaving Cert:
  18. Excellent! RT @EditorMark: List of the day: Shakespearean insults, including swag-bellied, toad-spotted, and whey-face:
  19. A brilliant critic - great that essays now all in one book. RT @RhysTranter: Prefaces to Shakespeare:
  20. Shakespeare comments on the internet: "The web of our life is of a mingled yarn, good and ill together" (from 'All's Well...')
  21. The Bardweb resource site: lots of great #Shakespeare links:
  22. The Hamlet blog:
  23. Recommended: the brilliant Shakespeare Clusty Search Engine - fabulous resource.
  24. Shakespeare was born on April 23rd (we think) 1564 and died on April 23rd 1616: lots of Bard tweets today and a summary later.
  25. Find more Shakespeare-inspired fun for kids on Folger's Shakespeare in American Life website.

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