Thursday, June 04, 2009

My Acting Career (so far)

Last term II form had their Actiontrack taster workshops in the BSR, and afterwards each pupil wrote a response. Jasmine Blenkins O'Callaghan used the opportunity to write about her wider thespian career, too, and this forms the basis of today's post, an essay called 'My Acting Career (so far)', an entertaining and surprisingly wide-ranging series of experiences:-

I have always wanted to be an actress (drummer and marine biologist have always been lurking in the background too). I would love to be able to go into theatre first, and then film. The theatre part of that dream may be hindered though, as I have never been able to sing. I am almost perfectly out of tune every time I try to sing - that isn’t going to help in all those West End musicals!

Click here for the rest of Jasmine's theatrical autobiography (so far), which includes A Midsummer Night's Dream, Androcles and the Lion, the Globe Theatre in London, and the film Cracks (pictured above at SCC last summer).

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