Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I form poetry workshops

Recently 10 I formers had two poetry workshops with the poet Louise Callaghan, and started on pieces in their notebooks. Their exercises included concentrating on the senses, on colour, and one in which they described a beautiful shell Louise brought to the room.

Here are some of the poems prompted by the shell, and click here for more material from the workshops.

'Heart-Shaped', by Alex Owens

It has a rough surface on its outer skin.
It reminds me of builders' sanding paper.
Just one flip, it turns to silk,
The glossy touch, like plastic.
Its heart-shape
Reminds me of a white ribbon,
Or the tear-drop of a lost soul.

'The Shell', by Duncan Mathews

The outside a bland normality,
The inside a thing of beauty,
The outside rough like sand,
The inside smooth like enamel,
The outside dull brown like dried blood,
The inside awash with colours,
A rainbow flood.

'Mysterious Shell', by Lauren Scully

This shell is a mermaid's fan.
She uses it to create a cool breeze.

This shell is an old man's ash tray.
He uses it to put his cigarettes out.

This shell is the skin of a turtle
When it swims to shore.

This shell is my granny's mirror
That her wrinkles appear in.

This shell feels like I am rubbing a fingernail
That is freshly manicured.

This shell smells like bits of seaweed
And tastes like grass.

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