Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Regal Surprise at Tibradden

To mark the recent World Book Day, the Library ran a short story competition for Juniors. The winner was Milo Reddaway from I form, who told a distinctly surprising story involving the arrival in the College of a very unusual visitor:-

I had just finished Latin and was going to Break. The sun was up and the black clouds looked like a massive army coming to invade the sky. I was passing the Library when I heard a huge blast. The ground trembled and I almost fell on the hard ground. I got up and asked Brendan if he had heard the explosion. He said no, and looking at me as if I were mad, went to Break. Thoughts were racing in my head. “A massive blast and tremor and no one noticed?"

The blast seemed to have come from Tibradden. I raced there as fast as I could, and when I saw the front door I was stunned. The handle had been ripped off and the whole door was covered in deep gashes. “If only Mr Patterson could see this!" I thought. I carefully pushed the door open and went to the Day area. I felt I must be in a dream as standing before me, dressed in full armour was none other than Xerxes, King of Kings, Emperor of Persia ...

Read the full story here.

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