Tuesday, February 24, 2009

World Book Day competition

World Book Day this year is on Thursday 5th March. We'll be celebrating it in various weeks - more detail next week - but this is a post encouraging entries for a new venture, a short story competition being run in concert with the Library.

The competition is being aimed particularly at juniors, but seniors are also welcome to enter, and the Library will be giving book tokens to winners. You should write a short story (1000 words at most) about an encounter in real life with a character from a book. A possible first sentence is :

The Library was quiet. I heard a noise and turned around. 'But,' I gasped, 'what are you doing here? You belong in a book!' ....

The deadline is Saturday 7th March, and winning entries will be published on this blog, and in the Library magazine, 'The Submarine'. Good luck!

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