Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fight Club review

Today, two reviews by pupils from Mr Canning's Junior Cert set. First, Michael Kemp is reading Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club, and has seen the 1999 film. He writes :-

It is a seamless transition to screen; Palahniuk even says it’s an improvement on his novel. The story is about how the unnamed Narrator (Edward Norton) tries to redeem himself from his mundane life by following his friend’s advice to reach “bottom”, so he can be free of society’s shackles and how it all revolves around a girl named Marla Singer.

This pitch-black comedy satire is among the most bleak films I’ve ever seen. It's shot with a spherical lens to capture the grimness of the narrator’s world, which could mirror his perverted psyche. The bleakness is a definite barrier, but the character’s jokes and observations save the film from being unbearable and make you revel in its nightmarish vision.

Read Michael's full comments here.

Below, Shannen Keogan's review of Romeo and Juliet.

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