Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Poem of the Week 17

Our first Poem of the Week this term (the 17th since we started the scheme in the summer term) is by V former Shane Lavin, and is about 'The person I admire most'. This was prompted by Derek Mahon's poem 'Grandfather', and Jon Snow's piece about grandparents for the Guardian Perfect World competition, which we encouraged our pupils to enter :

An exotic braid of wisdom is always visible,
Growing longer as years turn to decades.
It has given her the experience of the highs and lows
We may sometimes look forward to, yet often fear.
Their brittle shells get stepped on and crushed
Until her presence offers wings to those who witness
The smile that can encourage us all to rise to a higher state.
Although heartfelt joy battles the overpowering pressure of life,
The common obstacles continue to become increasingly larger challenges.
But there exists a pulse of strength which scarcely escapes
Her soul through the open windows of her eyes.
One that gives her surroundings an unfathomable desire
To cherish the life we all live,
Yet rarely live for.

Tomorrow we will be launching this year's Senior Poetry Prize competition.

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